Our group music classes for children ages 4 months to 6 years are designed to enhance development while introducing children to all genres of music and a large assortment of classical and folk instruments. We hope to instill a love of music in all of our students and strongly believe that music can serve as a communicative medium, developmental tool, and constant companion.

What are TLB Music classes like?

In our weekly classes, children, parents, and caregivers enjoy an assortment of music including classical hits by great composers, children's songs everyone knows, and a selection of music from a wide variety of genres depending upon our session theme. We play Classical, Jazz, Latin, Country, Folk, Broadway, Rock, Pop and much more!

Each week, our students meet a new instrument of the orchestra and students have the opportunity to play along with their teacher! Our collection has everything from the French Horn to the Marimba and also includes folk and world instruments like the Djembe and the Banjo. In addition to the big instruments, we have every little instrument you could think of for our students to play: maracas, tambourines, bongo drums, guiros, castanets, harmonicas, and more. When children turn 2 or 3, they begin playing kid-size guitars, violins, recorders, and keyboards! Big kids also write their own songs, learn how to conduct, practice music notation, and learn to recognize classical excerpts by famous composers.

We incorporate music-inspired movement into all classes. In our toddler and baby music classes, kids look forward to bouncing on balls to the rhythm of the music while older children love dancing in coordination, solidifying the building blocks of rhythm, tempo, and dynamics through physical expression.

Read class descriptions by age HERE.
Learn about our co-founders and read about us in the press HERE.

What are the benefits of taking a weekly music class at TLB?

Music instruction has been shown to help boost development in so many ways: physical, auditory, language, social, emotional, and intellectual development all benefit from music instruction. Instead of creating a show for kids, we write a curriculum designed for each age group, planning how each class will incorporate activities to benefit the children's development while they're simply having fun making music.

"Music's function in the developing child is to help prepare its mind for a number of complex cognitive and social activities, exercising the brain so that it will be ready for the demands placed on it by language and social interaction." ~Daniel Levitin (cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist and author of "This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession")

Physical: We start practicing basic gross motor skills with our smallest students: babies sit up to hear the music, bounce to the rhythm, and begin moving towards their teachers and the piano! Fine motor skills are exercised and developed beginning with infants reaching out to grasp and shake their maracas, growing to toddlers strumming and plucking guitar strings, and graduating to advanced skills like playing specific notes on a xylophone with a mallet, playing the violin, and practicing the keyboard.

Auditory: In our classes, children practice listening to human speech through song and many different types of instruments (woodwinds, strings, percussion, and brass) with a wide variety of pitches and timbres, stimulating their brains and honing their auditory discrimination skills.

Language: Music creates a verbal response from babies and toddlers, who practice babbling and listen carefully to the cadence, timbre, and sounds of speech through songs in class. From Daniel Levitin: "Music processing helps infants to prepare for language; it may pave the way to linguistic prosody, even before the child's developing brain is ready to process phonetics. Music for the developing brain is a form of play, an exercise that invokes higher-level integrative processes that nurture exploratory competence, preparing the child to eventually explore generative language development through babbling, and ultimately more complex linguistic and paralinguistic productions".

Social/Emotional: Socially, our group classes help prepare children for preschool or elementary school. Turn-taking, conflict resolution, delayed gratification, and working together as a team are all exercised in class. Babies and young children benefit socially by getting to know their little classmates and learning how to interact with other kids. Emotionally, music benefits the mental well-being of a child. For babies and toddlers, the parent-child connection is nurtured by playing music together while the music itself soothes and stimulates the child's developing brain. For older children, music as creative self-expression is excellent for boosting self-discipline and self-confidence!

Intellectual: Studies suggest that music instruction improves spatial-temporal reasoning, making learning math (like proportions and fractions) and science easier. Learning music also helps improve memory and concentration skills. Keep reading below to see how we use music as a medium to learn about lots of fun topics.

And, of course, listening to and playing music in a group releases dopamine- the "feel-good chemical". Get your weekly dose at TLB!

Learning Through Music at TLB:

Every session, our music classes feature a new original themed curriculum. The model for our curriculum is based upon our belief that a child learns best in an environment in which he or she can have fun and experience creative, imaginative play. For that reason, we take a musical journey each session. Not only do we learn about music, but we also use music as a medium to learn about wherever our journey takes us. No performance here! Our class is interactive and engages our students beyond spectatorship.

• We spent One Year with Gwenevere.
• We met animals through music with Roo at the Zoo.
• We traveled around the world with Henry and the Hot Air Balloon.
• We explored Colors with Cozmo.
• We got Lost in the Library with Lola.
• We explored dance with Didi Does a Dance.
• We learned about professions with Joey Gets a Job.
• We met the music of NYC with Noisy New York.
• We went back in time with Talia and the Time Machine.
• We drove across the USA with Carly and the Crockers.
• We explored the orchestra with Ollie & the Orchestra.
• We learned about Broadway musicals in class with Betty Loves Broadway.

Other topics we always incorporate into our music classes: colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, weather, and more!

Signing Up for Music Classes
Our music classes meet weekly. We offer a FREE trial music class to all new students. Each "session" of music classes is like a semester and lasts between 14-16 weeks depending upon holidays. You can enroll in a full session, half session, 4-packs of drop-in classes or individual drop-in classes. Keep in mind, although we offer flexible enrollment, our curriculum is designed as a 14-16 week enrichment program so kids will benefit the most from attending the entire session.

We offer unlimited makeup classes so that you don't have to worry about missing class due to schedule changes or sickness. Those who register for a full or half session of music classes receive free Playroom passes to be used throughout the session and receive discounted rates in our Playroom.

The Studio
We are very excited for you to see our Upper East Side studio. We worked with a team of fabulous designers to create a space that is inviting, soothing, and tailored to children's, parents', and caregivers' needs. We have stroller parking and two large classrooms to accommodate the busy morning hours. Also, our lobby is equipped with a sensory wall of fun developmental toys and a bookshelf filled with children's books and puzzles to enjoy before class.
After class, head down to TLB's Playroom.!

More Kids Classes at TLB
We offer language immersion music classes for kids ages 6 months - 6 years in French and Spanish:
Ma Musique & Mi Música.
We also offer music-inspired art classes: Smock Rock and Gifted & Talented prep classes: Brain Builders.

Clean and Green
Cleanliness is of utmost importance at TLB.
Before every class, we clean each instrument that your child will use with a natural, non-toxic toy cleaner.

We also keep our studio stocked with Babyganics hand sanitizer.
It kills 99.9% of germs, is all natural, baby-safe, alcohol-free, and non-toxic.
Read about Babyganics hand sanitizer here.

Take a Peek Inside Our Classroom:

These are a few videos of our classes and below are some of the instruments we play at TLB! Visit our YouTube Channel to see all our videos.