"TLB is by far and away the best class on the Upper East Side!!!!! I wish I could take my son everyday because the class keeps him so engaged and happy. I tell all my friends they MUST do TLB! The make up schedule is also unbeatable. The staff is amazing and friendly and knows all the kids by name. Just the happiest environment to bring your child. Everyone goes ABOVE AND BEYOND! Bar none the greatest NYC class!!!!"


"TLB Music has one of the best and varied programs for young children. From singing in French, listening to Edith Piaf, to art, play dates, musical experience, TLB has your child's interests covered. Every time I drop by I see happy smiling little faces, a pleasure with every visit."

~Mary Ann Oklesson

Thank you so very much for a fabulous term. We have absolutely enjoyed coming along to class and learning music with TLB. We have taken a couple of other classes and music class trials around town and beyond compare, TLB is our favorite and the very best we have experienced in NYC! From the exceedingly talented teachers and staff - all of whom seem entirely kind, friendly, super helpful and enthusiastic; the brilliant, mature, and fabulously thought out curriculum; to the phenomenally managed (amazing equipment, unbelievably clean, and amazingly well kept) facility…I'm really grateful I came across TLB ... Please keep doing what you're doing!


Last May (2015), we started taking Music at TLB. We had enjoyed Eastside Westside Music Together but were looking for something different. I also wanted classes where my toddler would be around kids her age instead of all mixed ages. TLB has been awesome. We attended many Semesters, and I fortunately had a flexible work schedule so I could attend. I think I enjoyed the classes and hip, popular music of all genres as much , if not more than my daughter. Can't Say enough good things about the Owners kindness, warmth, welcoming environment, understanding and flexibility on make ups, scheduling etc. They always knew and greeted my child by name when we showed up (they knew all the kids names). Teachers were fabulous. I sang my heart out excited in every class. When my child turned 2, she shifted mid semester, and only wanted to go to the amazing playroom in the lower level, and they worked with us. I'm hoping that she is now ready a little more mature,so we can both come back and once again enjoy all TLB has to offer, including language classes. Everything about TLB is awesome and they are a first class act, all the way ...A true neighborhood gem.

~Michelle C.
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Love this place!! Music classes are wonderful, the place is always clean and well organized, and staff are very welcoming. My son continues his music classes here because we're very happy with our experience! They also offer make up classes, which is great for flexibility and the playroom is also a great bonus!

~Natalie G.
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"What I loved most about our TLB Music session was the intimacy and personalized style of the class – your child gets direct attention due to the small size, and also get customized tunes & face time! How cool is that!! I was equally impressed with the fastidiously well-kept nature of the classrooms. This is the kind of environment where I don't mind little Nukie picking up something and putting it in his mouth because I know that it's been properly sanitized, which is certainly not something one takes for granted in this city!

If you have time, I also highly recommend checking out the downstairs TLB playroom, which is MASSIVE (at least via the lens of this city gal). Hubs and I thought that we'd only swing by for 15 minutes tops and wound up playing for an hour! It was well stocked with goodies and toys, and had the added benefit of being extremely chill and relaxed (a major plus in my book!). They even had the Decemberists playing in the background, which is definitely not something one observes everyday for a playdate.

One thing is for sure – we'll definitely be back."

~Rock Shic (Read full review here.).

My kids have been absolutely loving TLB's Smock Rock program, combining both art and music. From creating composer puppets with Mozart or watercolors of ballerinas as The Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy fills the room, this class packs it all in and is incredibly educational. TLB's art classes goes well beyond popsicle sticks and glue. They not only keep kids entertained, but teach them about music, while they inspire their creativity through art.

~mama{love} "Beyond the Music with TLB" (Read full review here.).

Music elicits a verbal response from toddlers and all children alike…At TLB Music, teachers use various songs to help children call to memory what they have learned and to elicit a response to questions around what they have learned. Its not just singing and dancing here...

I really believe music can help children to wait for things if used in the right way. During Aaron's music sessions at TLB Music, children at some point have to listen to the instructor demonstrate a song on an instrument before having the opportunity to explore the instrument themselves. Not only that, but they have to wait as the teacher goes around the room giving each child (one at a time) private time with the instrument. Can you imagine a toddler who is just itching to jump at an opportunity to grab the instrument actually waiting their turn? The routine practice of waiting at TLB helps to children to do the seemingly impossible–waiting for a turn.

~Normel Talks
"The Benefits of Consistently Exposing Children To Music"
(Read full post here.).

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